Rare Bobby Hebb Acoustic Sunny plus guitar tab

Rare "unplugged" acoustic guitar version by Bobby Hebb



here's the comment on YouTube, must be from the 2006 tour of Germany: Unplugged backstage at the Atomic game Bobby Hebb Sunny be just for us . 2006 Unplugged hinter der Bühne im Atomic spiel Booby Hebb sein Sunny nur für uns. 2006

Bobby Hebb / Beatles Tour August 25, 1966 Seattle


Shows 16 and 17 for Bobby Hebb / The Beatles
Seattle Center, 2 shows

14 stops, 19 shows
Five dates featured 2 shows -

Chicago on August 12th
Detroit on August 13th
Toronto on August 17th
Memphis on August 19th
Seattle on August 25
25 August 1966, two shows Seattle Seattle Cent

August 25, 1966 Beatles Press Conference on Hebb/Beatles tour

From The Beatles Ultimate Experience

Immediately following their show in New York City, the Beatles flew to Beverly Hills for a few days rest and relaxation. This time off was broken into two parts by a flight to Washington and a performance at Seattle Coliseum on the 25th, after which they returned again to Beverly Hills.

Bobby Hebb / The Beatles Historic August 23, 1966 Concert

The Beatles - Bobby Hebb - The Remains with
Barry Tashian - the Cyrkle - Ronettes
Live At Shea Stadium, August 23 1966

Sid Bernstein Presents at Shea Stadium...Bobby Hebb,
Barry and the Remains, The Ronettes, the Cyrkle

Hear the people screaming and audio of the audience

St. Louis August 21, 1966 Busch Stadium Bobby Hebb / The Beatles

Website on Busch Stadium August 21, 1966

Live: Busch Stadium, St Louis


After performing their postponed concert in Cincinnati at midday, The Beatles flew 341 miles to St Louis, Missouri, where they performed one show at 8.30pm.

Aug 20 1966 Beatles/Hebb tour / Did John Lennon write "Rain" as a response to Bobby Hebb's "SUNNY" ???

Bobby Hebb wrote "Sunny" probably in 1964, inspired by events in 1963, with a demo recorded in early 1965. A version by Dave Pike was released in 1965 on Atlantic Records. The next year Bobby hit with his definitive version on Mercury and toured with the Beatles. Did John Lennon write "Rain" as a response to "Sunny" ??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKmJGXhSmaY

August 19, 1966 MEMPHIS Iconic Beatles/Hebb photo in Memphis

The eighth stop of the tour, Bobby Hebb and the Beatles take this iconic photo
backstage in Memphis


The support acts were The Remains, Bobby Hebb, The Cyrkle and The Ronettes. The Beatles' set for both shows consisted of 11 songs: Rock And Roll Music, She's A Woman, If I Needed Someone, Day Tripper, Baby's In Black, I Feel Fine, Yesterday, I Wanna Be Your Man, Nowhere Man, Paperback Writer and Long Tall Sally.

Bobby Hebb and the Beatles SUFFOLK DOWNS, Revere/Boston August 18, 1966

Meet the Beatles — Malden native John Lubinski did

But did you know there was a Malden resident who managed to run up on stage with the Fab Four that day? Do you wonder if the guy made it out of there alive? Well, former Malden resident John Lubinski is alive and well and living in Las Vegas.
Courtesy PhotoJohn Lubinski is a Malden native.

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The Beatles and Bobby Hebb Maple Leaf Gardens August 17, 1966

August 17, 1966 The Beatles, Bobby Hebb, The Cyrkle, The Remains, The Ronettes performed at Maple Leaf Garden together.

The sixth date of The Beatles' final tour took place at the Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto. It was their only Canadian stop on the tour.


Bobby Hebb / Beatles Tour August 16, 1966 7th show, 5th Date of Tour

The Bobby Hebb / Beatles Tour 1966
49th Anniversary
Continues ...Philadelphia...August 16, 1966

Chicago August 12th 2 shows
Detroit August 13th 2 shows
Cleveland August 14 1 show
Washington DC 8/15 1 show
Philadelphia 8/16/66 1 show


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