David Bowie Passes away at 69; so does actor Alan Rickman

When David Bowie performed at the Boston Music Hall October 1, 1972 this writer was 18 years of age. After the show Bowie was in his limo and waved to me. It was the first connection with David. Four years later on or about March 21, 1976 I met Iggy Pop in the elevator of the Springfield Marriott; Iggy introduced me to David. I thanked Bowie for the great music and he was quite a gentleman. They invited me to have drinks at the table along with the two young ladies I was with.

In 1987, September 3, on the Glass Spider Tour Bowie performed in Foxborough Stadium. He invited us to his hotel room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston and played his Tin Machine album on cassette.

Bowie was a gentleman. It was nice to meet him these two and a half times! (The wave from the limo the half a time, of course.) His music influenced many, as he was influenced by Anthony Newley and Lou Reed. As Bobby Hebb's "Sunny" influenced so many pop, r & b, country, jazz and other artists, so did Bowie's songwriting and stage persona.

David Bowie Boston Music Hall: 1.10.1972 (October 1, 1972)

Springfield Civic Center March 21, 1976

John, I'm Only Dancing

Changes, Supermen, John I'm Only Dancing, Life on Mars

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In 1982, David Bowie released In Bertolt Brecht's "Baal"; four years earlier, the prestigious RCA Red Seal classical label had Bowie narrating Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf, and with his stint on Broadway as The Elephant Man, the artist stretched himself brilliantly. There is not enough spoken word by popular recording artists in today's world. Steven Tyler may show up on a Kerouac tribute performing one track; Grace Slick, Lou Reed, Peter Frampton, Marty Balin, and so many others have cut promotional interview discs for insiders, but it is surprising how the record industry has, for the most part, ignored this inexpensive and wonderful format to further endear artists to their fans. Jim Morrison's poetry, after all, was all that was left when Elektra published An American Prayer -

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