The Beatles

Aug 20 1966 Beatles/Hebb tour / Did John Lennon write "Rain" as a response to Bobby Hebb's "SUNNY" ???

Bobby Hebb wrote "Sunny" probably in 1964, inspired by events in 1963, with a demo recorded in early 1965. A version by Dave Pike was released in 1965 on Atlantic Records. The next year Bobby hit with his definitive version on Mercury and toured with the Beatles. Did John Lennon write "Rain" as a response to "Sunny" ???

Happy Birthday 75 Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr to mark 75th birthday outside Capitol Records in Hollywood

Ringo Starr will celebrate his 75th birthday on Tuesday with a little help from his friends, including filmmaker David Lynch, Eagles guitarist-songwriter Joe Walsh and musician Edgar Winter, outside Capitol Records in Hollywood.

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